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SOLD [Apr. 8th, 2012|10:51 pm]
San-X Lovers' Community


[Current Location |United States, Hawaii, Honolulu]

Things to Know:
- Please leave me Feedback HERE when the transaction is done. I will do the same. Thank you very much!
- Paypal please. I do accept concealed cash but at your own risk. All prices are listed in USD.
- Shipping not included in the price unless stated.
- I ship to the address and name listed on Paypal. Please make sure it is correct.
- I ship with Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes with USPS. Prices vary from size of the box/envelope and I will do my best to fit your item(s) in the smallest/cheapest possible box/envelope.
Shipping Rates within US

  • Envelopes: $5.15

  • Padded Envelope: $5.30

  • Small Box: $5.35

  • Medium Box: $11.35

  • Large Box: $15.45

- I am open to international buyers though US Buyers have priority. Please inquire about shipping rates.
- Packages will be shipped 1-2 days after payment (unless it’s the weekend, of course).
- I am not responsible for packages after they leave my possession.
- First person to leave their Paypal email gets the item(s). If there are multiple people wishing to buy the item I expect payment within 24 hours. If not, next person in line gets it.
- Go ahead and ask questions or for more pictures.
- Leave a comment here.
Happy Shopping!

NEW ITEMS 4/8/12

Sentimental Circus A4 File Folder Banner Style - $2.50

Mushroom Korikkuma Squishy Cell Phone Strap - $5.00

Rilakkuma Pass Case - $8.00

Rilakkuma Honey A4 File Folder - $2.50

Sentimental Circus A4 Pocket File Folder - $4.10

Sentimental Circus Fold-Up Pouch - $14.00

Kutusitanyanko Stationary Set #1 (4 Designs, 32 Letter Sheets, 16 Envelopes) - $7.00

Kutusitanyanko Stationary Set #2 (4 Designs, 32 Letter Sheets, 16 Envelopes) - $7.00

Rilakkuma 2B Pencil - $2.00 Each

Sentimental Circus Towel – 36cm x 36cm - $9.00

Sentimental Circus Mini Memo Pad - $4.00

Sentimental Circus Index Stickers - $5.00